Currently no units are for sale; we are a manufacturer and will be selling through our distributors only. Watch our website for notices when they are available.

What powers the U Plug Generator?

Rare earth magnets provide power to the U Plug Generator, working in groups to initiate and maintain constant, continuous energy.

What do I have to do to start up the U Plug Generator?

Nothing, the U Plug Generator comes fully assembled, and already operational. During manufacturing the magnets are placed in the correct location and sequence, the U Plug Generator is automatically activated and begins putting out 120 volt, 17 amp power, rated at 2000 Watts.

How long will the U Plug Generator continue to produce electrical power?

The U Plug Generator is warrantied to run continuously for (3) three years, however, the U Plug Generator's rare earth magnets are expected to continue to operate for 20 years or more, as long as there are no defects in the generator head, and circuit board.

Will the U Plug Generator damage my valuable electronic devices?

The short answer is No. The U Plug Generator generates a constant and continuous flow of 120 Volt, 17 amp power. It is not affected by power surges. In addition, it puts out what is called "clean" energy, meaning the voltage is a clean true sine wave signal, providing nearly perfect power for all of your electronic needs.

How do we know there are no batteries in the machine?

First, no battery, by itself, puts out alternating (AC) current, the type of electricity everyone finds coming out of their wall sockets. Batteries generate direct (DC) current. Batteries come in volts listed as 12 volts, 24 volts, etc., direct current. A computer cannot be plugged into a DC current outlet. Cigarette lighters in cars are a DC outlet.

Second, assuming for the sake of argument that batteries could be put into a six inch diameter, 24 inch tall cylinder, the batteries would lose power within minutes running through an inverter to convert DC to AC power. In fact, after only a few minutes it would become so apparent that the batteries were losing power as the device hooked to the machine would begin to run more slowly, or the lights would begin to dim through the natural diminution of the power of the batteries.

Can the U-Plug Generator be brought inside an enclosed structure?

Yes. Since the U-Plug Generator runs on rare earth magnets, contains no internal combustion engine, and does not run on any fossil fuel or similar combustible fuel source, the U-Plug Generator is completely safe to use, install or store in your home, office, vehicle, or other enclosed structure.

Best of all, and we've not mentioned this yet, the U Plug Generator makes no noise, and produces no vibrations, when in operation. In fact, until you plug something into your U Plug Generator, you won't even know it is running.

How powerful are the rare earth magnets which are used in the U Plug Generator?

Each individual magnet is capable of lifting over 2500 pounds of weight.

Why is the U Plug Generator listed as as being a "Green Energy" device?

Since the U Plug Generator runs on rare earth magnets, it burns no fossil fuels, has no emissions, involves no chemical reactions, releases no pollutants, has no toxic residue or waste from the creation of the power, and requires no refueling or use of oil to operate. The U Plug Generator is more "Green" than hydro, solar, wind or other "Green" technologies, and is more portable and affordable than hydro, solar, and wind which require far more space and cost far more to operate.

How much does it cost?

The U Plug generator will be sold at $1,795 MSRP, plus processing and handling, and tax where appropriate. It is favorably comparable to competitors' generators which produce the same amount of wattage, is smaller than the competitors' generators, does not have to be refueled like the competitors' generators, and is similar in price to the competitors' generators.

What type's of devices can be powered by a U Plug Generator?

Any device which requires 120 volt, 15 amp power and uses 2000 watts or less, can be powered by the U Plug Generator. This is a significant list. Attached is a partial list of devices which can be powered by the U Plug Generator (2000 watts or less), and some devices which cannot be powered by the U Plug Generator (over 2000 watts). Consult your electronic device, or electrical appliance before plugging it into the U Plug Generator.

Is the U Plug safe for me if I have a pacemaker or other heart or medical device?

Again, the short answer is Yes. The U Plug was tested to determine if the U Plug Generator was not putting out any EMF radiation. (It was emitting levels lower than a smoke detector).

The U Plug Generator is wrapped to insulate it from the outside environment, thus protecting it from Electromagnetic Pulses.

Why should I buy a U Plug Generator?

You never know when you will find yourself without power when you want power. So ask yourself, what would you like to enjoy in the following situations:

  • Medical devices that must be powered at all times.
  • During storms and natural disasters to have the basic necessities.
  • Camping or hunting to power phones, lights, TV's, heaters, and so much more.
  • Work sites and construction for power tools and chargers for drills.
  • Winter driving for emergencies and convenience.
  • Not having to find gasoline for your big, bulky, heavy, noisy generator.

The U Plug can solve all of these problems and so much more.

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