Who are we?

Over 7 Years ago our Founder, Tim Slavings, stumbled upon the technology that is used in the current U-Plug. He noticed an odd occurrence while working on another energy saving system; he then played with the idea for a few years until he made the demonstrator model. In 2013 Tim showed this new technology to other investors. They were excited and partnered with Tim to help bring this product to the consumer market. Now in the summer of 2015, and we are proud to announce our first product in the U-Plug Products line, the U-Plug Green. The design is with the average consumer in mind for a portable and lightweight unibody generator giving off 2000 Watts. Not only is this a breakthrough in compact generators but a breakthrough in energy, giving off no emissions and using no fuel. Most people have called it amazing, radical, and revolutionary, but we call it U-Plug.

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